file6831235377769A final ruling that came down from the Occupational Health and Safety Administration has amended electronic recordkeeping rules, particularly the workplace injury and illness reporting rules.

The new requirements, effective August 10, 2016, requires employers covered under existing recordkeeping rules to submit electronically all recordkeeping forms. Plus, the rules require employers to publish employee injuries, which could increase litigation against employers while giving competitors access to such information.

Not to mention the risks of publication on OSHA’s website. While OSHA officials have stated that personal information of employees will not make it onto the website, employers are uneasy with giving over control of personal information to the Administration.

In a public statement, the Risk & Insurance management Society (RIMS) has voiced its opposition to the changes, cautioning that inaccurate safety ratings, reporting redundancies, and cyber exposure concerns have yet to be adequately addressed by the Administration.

View the final ruling here

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