Customer Service CassJason Cass wants you to rethink your focus.

Cass, an energetic agent who’s found his sweet spot when it comes to growing a business, is now hoping to pass what he’s learned on to other agents and brokers. He’s built an online presence through podcasts, articles, and a dynamic Facebook page (in fact, that’s how I reach Jason in every instance). Now he’s offering one more way to share what he knows.

His book, Customer Service is Just Foreplay (available through Amazon) is aptly subtitled The modern customer experience will separate you from your competition. That’s because Cass has hit on who today’s insurance buyer is, and he knows how to reach them. For agents who are struggling to capture the millennial business, listen up.

The book is sensibly laid out, with a how-to approach written plainly and clearly.

Cass introduces readers to the idea of a customer experience rather than a customer service model, which Cass contends is driven by the customer and not the agent. In a key exchange with a customer who’d praised the way she could interact online with an insurer in ways that his agency wasn’t providing, Cass writes this: “Customer needs and desires had changed right in front of me, and I was no longer in a position to dictate how people should do business with me.”

That revelation led Cass to create his own online presence. And he changed his approach — he put customer needs ahead of the traditional prospecting approach. It also explains the layout of the book, which walks agents through understanding today’s buyer right into how to creating “curb appeal” virtually, then into a smart, time-saving system of qualifying leads during the first conversation. Readers get everything, including strategies for increasing referrals from the time a prospect is converted.

Then there’s technology, that uncharted territory for many veteran agents. Not only does he show readers the importance of technology in growing an agency business, but he breaks it down so that readers can understand their own technology needs and make better choices.

Cass has created a smart, yet easy-to-understand road map for agents and brokers to follow. Frankly, anyone who runs a business that faces customers should be considering what Cass has to offer.

How has technology changed your customer-facing experience?

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