This ongoing Q&A series features some of today’s top risk management and insurance professionals. 

I first met Kevin Quinley when I was operating my Risk Factor newsletter back in 2003-2005. Kevin had written to me and expressed interest in providing content.

Little did I know, I’d hit the jackpot.

Kevin is a first-rate risk management and insurance expert. With a career that started in claims back in the late 70s, Thirty years later, Kevin has amassed a wealth of knowledge that has spilled over into 600+ articles, 10 books, and even more industry awards. Now principal at Quinley Risk Associates LLC, Kevin serves as a speaker, a claims expert, and an expert witness.

1. What’s your professional/educational background?

A. in Political Science. M.A. in Government. An alphabet-soup mix of professional designations — CPCU, ARM, AIC, AIM, ARe, RPA.  36+ years in the insurance/risk industry, with a focus on claims.

2. What makes your job interesting or particularly challenging?

The sheer variety of fact patterns within every loss situation.  Like snowflakes, no two are alike!

3. When you’re not working, what are you doing instead?

Swimming, running, mountain biking, working out and I’m a voracious reader.

4. What career accomplishment are you most proud of?

Publishing ten books on various aspects of claims, insurance and risk management.    

5. What one challenge do you think is primary for risk management to recognize right now?

Disaster recovery   

6. How would you tackle it?

Identify all key suppliers to production facilities in the supply chain. B. From your production facilities, identify the raw materials, utilities and components on which those facilities depend.  C.  Identify the locations of suppliers’ suppliers.  D.  Make advance arrangements with “contingency suppliers” 

7. What do you see as the top three risks for the coming year?

Disaster recovery; supply chain vulnerabilities; regulatory/legislative changes

8. Which risks are occupying your time right now?

As an insurance consultant specializing in litigation support, bad faith claims against insurers. 

9. What one fact about you would surprise people to know?

I’m a HUGE UFC fan of mixed martial arts and have been to a number of such events throughout the country.  I’ve met a number of the top fighters in the UFC. 

10. What’s your favorite joke?

(Must confess, no “go to” joke — depends on what’s timely and in the news!)


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