WWDIn case you haven’t been paying attention, we’re now a global corporate society.

Yet too many companies are still operating as though the world is limited to what’s within easy reach. What isn’t seen isn’t a problem.

It’s an attitude that can cost dearly.

I had a conversation with Peter Robertshaw, SVP of corporate risk for Active Risk, a global ERM company. His company has handled project risk management for what he calls “large infrastructure events” including the 2012 Olympics. His description of several large-scale projects and the risk management levels necessary to seamlessly deliver a secure, safe event is impressive. But it’s part of understanding the global aspect of not just the event, but of the vendors and suppliers involved in making the event possible.

Such is the platform on which World Risk Day resides. The global forum strives to gather thought leaders and peers to address global issues. This year’s theme, “Shattering the Project Myth” will go beyond cost and scheduling and delve into those aspects of the project that can make or break project success.

It’s a one-day webinar event that draws in 2,300 registered attendees from across the world, and countless participants via social media outlets. Founding supporter Active Risk will be joined by the likes of AFERM, RIMS, IRM, RMIA, RiskNET and more. Presenters include IRM, Solvay, SanDisk, The University of Queensland, PwC, and Constellation Energy. For a complete list of presenters and sponsors and to register, visit World Risk Day.

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